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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is it possible to penetrate the La-La-land bubble?

Has no one in the TV industry ever set foot outside of LA into the real world? Ever? No one in the real world would be out wandering about (and watching a rugby match) in a lightweight dress without a jacket in New England in November. Yes, Gilmore Girls, I'm looking at you. Not that I've actually ever visited Connecticut, but NOAA tells me that the forecasted low for this Friday is 38degreesF. That is not jacket-free weather.

Of course, I don't know why I've expended the energy to care about that insignificant detail, when the entire episode from beginning to end sucked. I suppose it's easier to rant about something concrete than to admit that the entire show is a tired and forced attempt to recreate what once was, and it's not working. The characters are no longer cute and quirky, they're obnoxious, needy, and if I knew them in real life, I'd be telling them to get over themselves. Except maybe Lane, and she's been sadly MIA this season. I am *this close* to removing the show from my DVR's series recording list.

And on a marginally-related topic, the "shaved head" wig they've been using on Veronica Mars is so horribly fake. It looks like they've used the same one for both the Parker and Claire characters, and it's like a blonde-coloured rug of curly fibres, while the shavees supposedly had straight hair beforehand. I've seen enough shaved heads (including a whole group of people I know who got their heads shaved at a cancer fundraiser this spring) to say that that is the fakest looking hair I've ever seen. Well, at least the storyline doesn't make me want to reach through the TV and throttle each and every character, so at least there's something for the "Pro" column.


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