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Friday, December 22, 2006

Three days to go...

and I'm feeling the time crunch. I'm frantically trying to finish up some knitting for Christmas (don't even want to mention the fact that I still haven't bought gifts for several people), and might have the major project presentable, if not 100% done, on time. Photos to come after Christmas...

Finally watched the Survivor finale (and a few other random shows, like the OC and an Ugly Betty rerun) while working on said knit project, and right about now I really dislike Jeff Probst, what with his obvious favouritism, hatred of certain contestants, and the usual misogyny. Quite unprofessional, and along with the snorefest that was this season (other than the Yul/underdog victory bit), I think I might call it quits on this show. Really, I can't stand the guy right about now, and it's not worth sitting through his idiocy to get sucked into another crapfest season.


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