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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A faint glimmer of hope on the horizon...

...the southern horizon, that is. Not only did both levels of Congress come under Democrat control, but Rummy's out of a job. Maybe it is a democracy afterall, not just a one-party state controlled by a small group of power-mongers, and we all know what happens to them ... Now if only there was some way that this national awakening could have happened 4 or 6 years ago, and the just maybe the rest of us wouldn't have been dragged into these various messes.

Our political system isn't perfect either, but the more I read about this election south of the border, the more I am grateful for a truly multi-party system, limits to campaign financing and special-interest contributions, and a well-organized national elections bureau that has ensured that I've never had to wait in line longer than a minute or two when I've gone to vote. Yup, I'm still proud to be a Canadian.

But I refuse to accept any responsibilty for Celine Dion. Y'all can have her.


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