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Welcome to my life (or at least the interesting bits, which probably relate to photography or knitting)

Location: Canada

Friday, January 27, 2006


Well, I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon (or more accurately, realized that the train passed by long ago, chased it down and attempted to rejoin the 21st Century) and here I am. I don't expect to be writing brilliant and witty posts admired by the masses, but at least this gives me a forum to highlight some of the things I enjoy. As the title suggests, this includes knitting and photography. I started knitting in the fall of 2004, and I'll upload pictures of some of the projects I've completed and/or have in progress. I also enjoy taking pictures, and recently made the leap from a film SLR camera (a Nikon FG series) to a digital SLR (a Nikon D50) , and I've set up a flickr site here where I've uploaded some of those pics as well as some scanned film prints (and have good intentions of adding more as the motivation to scan them hits me).