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Friday, March 23, 2007

Getting back on track

With the broken foot and subsequent recovery (which for the most part seem a distant memory, except for the occasional ache in that joint), I wasn't able/allowed to run for a few months. I was told to wait about a month after getting the cast off to do so - which would have been the end of February. For those capable of reading a calendar or counting, you'll realize that that was a good three weeks ago. A combination of travelling, weather, and busyness/laziness have prevented me from actually getting out and doing much of anything in the way of activity since then. I was helping out at a camp day last week, which involved various running and playing-type activities, and let me tell you that I felt it the next day. Today I was finally home and free during daylight hours (yay for increased daylight hours!), and managed to get out for a 20 minute run.
In the past year or two, I've slacked off on the physical activity, and I know it. I know that I need to actually practice what I preach for my own health and well-being, so here's to first steps.