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Monday, May 28, 2007

Losing my hair ... on purpose!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. Oops. I've had post ideas pass through my head, but I'm so far behind I don't know where to start. Since the most awesome JenEx just directed a boatload of people this direction, I thought it would be prudent to update. Of course, that means I had to remember the new blogger/google login, since I'm writing at work.

A few weeks back, I travelled to NYC once again for TARCon and related events with my TARflies peeps. I hung out with and roomed with JenEx, and we decided that we had obviously been separated at birth ... which of us is the good twin and which is the evil twin I'll leave to y'all to decide!

On to the actual topic at hand (or head?):
I will be participating in a Relay for Life next week. As many of you may know, these events are held annually in cities and towns throughout Canada and the US as fundraisers for the cancer societies. Registration is via teams, and at least one person from each team is expected to be walking/running/moving along the track throughout the event (you know, a relay). Oh, did I mention that the relay is 12 hours long? That's a lot of walking! As part of the evening, there will also be a Cops for Cancer event, which I think is a Canadian-specific drive that was started by police officers, but has spread to the general public. Participants will have their heads shaved, again as a fundraiser for the cancer society, but also as a sign of solidarity with those battling cancer, etc.

Several women that I knew lost their lives to cancer this winter, and in their memory I've chosen to participate in both events. Yup, that means that the hair that I've been growing out for the past 2-3 years is coming off (and it should be long enough to be donated to Locks of Love). For those who don't know me and/or haven't seen me recently, here's a picture of my hair as of 6 months ago (I don't have many pictures of the back of my head, it seems, and this one was stolen with permission from miri.

If you're interested in making a donation, you can do so here. Again, both events are in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, and since I don't know of an online donation link for the CfC, I'll ask that online donations be made on the RfL page. The local event had one of the highest per-capita totals in Canada last year, to my understanding, and by harnessing the power of teh internets, I'd love to blow that out of the water this year. Donations are used to fund cancer research, education and prevention programs, and local programs to help individuals and families dealing with cancer.

As I told some of you, two young friends of mine (ages 6 and 7) emptied out their piggybanks and we counted up nickels and dimes (and some larger coins and bills) which they donated to the cause (approx. $12 from each of them). For those of you who are interested and able to do so, I'd challenge you to match or beat those donations. I promise to post pics of my possibly-lumpy bald noggin, if that'll be an incentive to donate. Thanks!!

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