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Friday, February 17, 2006

Land of Ice and Snow

It's been cold this week. Really cold. As in, below -30 Celcius at night (it was supposed to be -44 with the windchill last night). Thank goodness for block heaters. On the positive side, this can lead to interesting effects, like a great ring around the moon (I think these are caused by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere) I caught last weekend. I got a couple pictures, and will try and upload them today.

Speaking of pictures, Nikon recalled a bunch of batteries, including the one for my camera. I sent off my battery on Monday and am hoping that the replacement will arrive today so I can actually use my camera this weekend. Of course, the recall was announced two months before I bought my camera so I really shouldn't have been sold one with a potentially-dangerous battery in the first place, but that would have been too simple.

On the opposite end of the customer-service scale, I ordered some coffee beans from Great Northwest Coffee two days ago and the package just arrived and smells *so* good. An independant company that sells great Fair Trade/Organic coffee at a good price and ships it with a "pay when it arrives" receipt enclosed? Almost too good to be true.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


So why does blogger make it so difficult to add a list of links? I should not have to be editing the html template to add a freakin' list when there are buttons and links to allow everything else to be done. Oh well, at least they're now there.